Bots in Telegram: TOP 30 useful bots for a marketer


The possibilities of artificial intelligence are becoming wider every year. Of course, a full-fledged uprising of machines against the human mind is still far away, but some simple and routine operations can be safely redirected to smart applications. Modern bots for Telegram are capable of performing template tasks – checking and typesetting text, collecting statistics from metrics or social networks. We present you a selection of the most useful bots used by marketers. For ease of perception, we have divided them into several thematic groups according to functions and capabilities.

Useful chatbots for analytics


Able to quickly and efficiently collect statistics from Google Analytics, uploading it to the specified Telegram channel. Information is processed and provided in a convenient format of tables and graphs. To take advantage of the offer, it is enough to send the bot access to the project account.

UTM Generator

Secret bot-marker) It’s no secret that marked links have become an effective and indispensable tool in the work of an Internet marketer. Now you can entrust the task of creating UTM tags from absolutely any link. For convenience, the developers have implemented utm_source templates for Yandex.Direct, Google Ads, VKontakte, myTarget.

Bots for checking and processing texts


A universal Telegram layout bot that can quickly indent paragraphs and beautifully design text for Instagram posts. If necessary, it will align the phrase in the center, do not forget about the red lines and turn a dull canvas into a bright and readable text.


High-quality translator, which is already loaded with the main languages ​​of international communication – English, Chinese, Arabic. Enter the word or phrase of interest into the Telegram chat bot, and it instantly produces a stylistically correct translation.


Combines several popular services for evaluating text quality. It not only checks text content for errors and typos, but also evaluates readability using Glavred’s algorithms.


If you want to visualize text, this chatbot is a real boon for a marketer. You can optionally underline whole phrases or single words with straight lines and fine underlining lines. Do you want your post to stand out from your competitors? Entrust the task to a smart service.


The simplest text markup language for Telegram. Now you can make a beautiful and recognizable post directly from your mobile device, while adding highlighting or italics, placing links

Telegram bots for social networks

Useful bots for social networks


One of the best Instagram bots. The functionality has been added the ability to download any content – multiposts, biographies, videos, photos, avatars. In addition, it takes care of the division of text into paragraphs and simple visualization.

insta spy

A secret Telegram bot that downloads all publications and stories from any profile on a popular social network. To get the information you need, add a link and enjoy the result.


A universal solution that can download photos, avatars, comments, videos, stories from any Instagram profile.


Another service for downloading comments from Instagram. Specify a link to the profile and you can track user activity around the clock. An indispensable help for the modern smm-schik.

Instagram Likes

Randomizer for holding contests and determining the winners on Instagram. In just a few seconds after receiving a link to a post, it downloads information about all users who like it. Press the button and let the unbiased AI decide the winner.

Instagram Papa

A paid bot that provides full analytics and profile statistics. The list and number of subscribers, gender, profile type – this is not all the information available to the user for 200 rubles.


A great way to link profiles in Telegram and Vkontakte. Forwards messages between messengers and opens access.


This useful bot is able to send posts from social media pages to the proposed Telegram channels.

Telegram bots for text

Chatbots for working with graphics


The simplest photo editing service. Upload a photo or selfie and use one of 434 visual effects.


A great way to diversify communication with topical memes. The library contains a huge number of pictures that are appropriate for any work chat. The collection is limited, but the developers are constantly replenishing it.


Tool for creating landing pages on Instagram. Crop photos and images of any format.

Useful bots for managing Telegram channels


An assistant that facilitates the work of managing channels, creating and publishing delayed posts. You can use the timer to delete text content, and everything is completely free, unlike an employee assistant in the office.


Bot for creating colorful posts with text blocks, interactive buttons, gifs, images and video content. Saves prepared posts in Favorites, and then publishes them in the channel.

Group Butler

Moderator for Telegram. Strictly monitors comments, knows how to recognize Russian mate and flood. At the same time, it is loyal to the positive and new subscribers)


Another fair bot with moderator features. Greets new channel subscribers, writes out bans for violating the rules and obscene language. Built-in neural networks help to quickly recognize the flood and clean up the correspondence.


A great way to add a reaction button to a post, share it with friends and get feedback in the form of reviews.


A smart accountant who impartially collects and analyzes channel statistics – the number of subscribers and coverage, the percentage of involvement. Entrust the task of tracking competitors to this bot and do more urgent things!


File hosting analogue of Google Drive and Yandex.Disk. Does not delete the necessary files and retains quick access for downloading.

Universal useful bots for every day


Scheduler of working hours and important cases with support for the Russian language.

YouTube Audio Downloader

It will help you download an audio track from any video file from YouTube.

Pomodoro Bot

Another time manager for productive work. Builds work intervals in the format of short sprints of 5, 10 and 25 minutes, and then determines the optimal moment for rest.


Having trouble creating and remembering strong passwords? Entrust this task to the generator bot. Not only will it offer a great option, but it will also help you remember it with effective mnemonic techniques.


Chatbot for Evernote. Log in to the service and synchronize your work in the settings.

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