Blocking the TikTok app through a router: instructions for different models

Blocking the TikTok app through a router: instructions for different models TikTok

Sometimes there is a need blocking entertainment sites and applications in order to limit access to them. block popular service Tik Tok can be done in a variety of ways, including through router.

Blocking a site through a router

There are two main reasons for blocking websites:

  • Restriction of close people (especially children) from the negative impact of some Internet resources.
  • Closing access to social networks and online entertainment services on computers included in the office network (for example, so that employees use working time more productively).
  • By the way. One of the most effective ways to block unwanted web content is to use a wireless router.

    All that is needed for this is to correctly set the interface settings in accordance with the instructions for the device model used.

    Blocking the TikTok app through a router: instructions for different modelsBlocking the TikTok app through a router

    Benefits of website blocking and applications via router:

  • restriction of access for certain computer devices that are used by children or employees;
  • the ability to set the time for visiting sites (for example, only on weekends or daily during a specified period);
  • users (children or employees) will not be able to unlock the system on their own due to the fact that they do not have access to the router settings;
  • setting up access denial by IP or MAC addresses for one or several PCs at the same time;
  • the ability to block access for all devices that are part of a single Wi-Fi network (including iPhones, phones and tablets on the platform androidgame consoles and PCs).
  • The only disadvantage of this method is the possibility of reducing the speed of data exchange on other resources.

    How to block Tik Tok on a router

    The most common reason for the need toblock access to the Tik Tok program on the router, is parental control. It is advisable to do this in the office computer network. Using different settings, access to the entertainment service turn off as forever and everand for a certain time.

    Blocking the TikTok app through a router: instructions for different modelsHow to block Tik Tok on a router

    By the way. It is not difficult to block the Tik Tok app on a router, however, please note that the procedure and network addresses differ depending on the router model.

    TP-Link routers are popular among users of wireless Internet networks due to their simplicity and reliability, as well as the presence of a English-language menu in new models.

    The sequence of operations differs depending on the version of the installed software.

    If the device has an old firmware, the entire procedure must be performed through the admin page of the router management. For this you need:

  • Connect the router to the electrical network.
  • Connect the router to your computer using the included cable.
  • To open the control panel, enter any of the two network addresses used by TP-Link devices, or, into the browser line.
  • Log in to the dialog box that opens.
  • In the “Access Control” menu, select the “Target” item.
  • In the mini-panel that opens, select the “Add New” item and add the site you want block – in this case, Tik Tok.
  • In the Target Description section, write down the phrase “blocking tik tok”.
  • Enter in the Domain Name field.
  • Save settings by selecting “Save”.
  • TP-Link routers with new firmware have a Russified menu, which further simplifies the setup process. Necessary:

  • Log in to the administrative panel of the router in the usual way (enter the corresponding network address in the search bar of the browser).
  • Go to the “Quick Settings” menu.
  • Select “Access Control”.
  • Go to the Target tab.
  • In the “Goal setting” field, add the address
  • Save all changes made.
  • Step-by-step instructions will quickly block Tik tok on a D-Link router. Necessary:

  • Open the administrative menu of the router and specify the login and password to enter.
  • Select “Advanced” from the menu that opens.
  • Go to the “Filter” tab.
  • Select the “Domain Blocking” item, which is responsible for blocking websites, and check the box next to it.
  • In the window that opens, check the box “Allow users to access all domains except “Blocked Domains”, which means that users are allowed access to all domains, except for blocked ones.
  • Enter “tik tok” in the field for specifying the domain name and click on the “Apply” button.
  • Blocking the TikTok app through a router: instructions for different modelsD-Link

    After completing the steps, the router will automatically reboot. With each subsequent attempt to visit blocked sites, the browser will signal an error.


    When using routers from Asus, you need to take a few simple steps:

  • Open the control panel by entering the network address, login and password.
  • Select “Firewall”.
  • Go to the “URL Filter” tab and activate it (check the box).
  • In the drop-down line, enter the web address and click on the plus sign.
  • Reboot the router.
  • Blocking the TikTok app through a router: instructions for different modelsAsus

    Zyxel Keenetic

    Zyxel Keenetic routers do not provide regular methods for blocking certain websites. Therefore, it is necessary to use auxiliary software – Yandex.DNS or SkyDNS.

    On a note. In new firmware versions, these applications are built into the router interface. If earlier versions are used, programs to be installed separately.

    The functions of both software versions are slightly different. Yandex.DNS blocks malicious sites and so-called adult resources, but does not allow you to enter web addresses manually. From this point of view, it is more convenient to use SkyDNS.

    To block Tik Tok you need:

  • Log in to the admin panel.
  • On the “Security” tab, select the item with the name of the application (SkyDNS).
  • Register on the official website of the program by clicking on the link that will appear in the window that opens.
  • Choose a tariff plan if basic functions are not enough and advanced functionality is required.
  • In your personal account, set up blocking by adding the address of an unwanted site to the blacklist.
  • Blocking the TikTok app through a router: instructions for different modelsZyxel Keenetic

    User Reviews


    “I was really worried that the kids got hooked on Tik Tok and instead of doing their homework they spent all their time on the app. The decision was made to block Tik Tok. I tried several ways, but the children climbed into the settings and removed the lock. A friend recommended an effective solution – to block access through the router. We are currently using a Zyxel device, so access to a restricted resource was blocked using the SkyDNS filter.


    “Practically all employees of our information department are yesterday’s schoolchildren who cannot live without Tik Tok and other entertainment. I had to block access to several services. We did this through a Wi-Fi router – this way the blocking applies to all devices located in the network coverage area. But at the same time, the speed on other, necessary sites slowed down.

    Blocking or Tracking

    If blocking fails, you can use the Mipko Personal Monitor program, which tracks all the actions of the child or employees.

    This application, designed for the Windows operating system, belongs to the category of keyloggers.

    Compared to blocking, the program has advantages that allow you to control users’ web activity:

  • the presence of the function of intercepting pressed keys in applications, chats and games;
  • automatic creation of screenshots with a certain frequency;
  • tracking correspondence in social networks and instant messengers;
  • fixing the launch of all applications;
  • saving information about computer usage;
  • generating reports and sending them by e-mail;
  • creating a list of prohibited signal words – each time such a word is entered into the browser line, an e-mail notification will be instantly sent.
  • Blocking the TikTok app through a router: instructions for different modelsMipko Personal Monitor

    The Mipko Personal Monitor program provides the ability to set up an invisible mode of operation, as a result of which the user will not suspect its presence on the PC.

    Based on the results of program reports, conclusions can be drawn and further actions can be taken – block sites or clarify the rules of behavior on the network.

    Almost all models of routers have the ability to block Tik Tok – both with the help of standard tools and third-party filtering applications. In some situations, it is worth using the Mipko Personal Monitor program, which tracks all the user’s Internet activity.

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