How To Understand That You Have Been Blocked On Telegram & What To Do?

How to understand that you have been blocked on Telegram and what to do Secrets and tricks

A lot of Telegram functions are aimed at ensuring not only privacy and anonymity, but also comfortable communication.

Earlier we talked about the Privacy Policy in Telegram, and today we will touch on the “black list” function, which allows you to fence yourself off from some users.

“Blacklist” in Telegram: 3 signs that you have fallen into it

There are 3 main signs by which you can understand that you are blacklisted by Telegrams:

  1. You stopped seeing the avatar of the interlocutor;
  2. Its status has changed to vague meanings: “ was (a) online recently ” or “was online a long time ago”;
  3. Your messages hang unread for a very long time (with one “birdie”).

picture: signs that the user was blocked in the telegram
Signs you’ve been blocked: Telegram desktop and mobile

Trick from the TeleGuide: If the user unblocks you, he will still not receive the messages you sent earlier, even if the status “read” appears next to them (two “birds”).

What to do if you do get into an emergency: recommendations

There are no notifications that you have been blocked.

However, if all the signs indicate that you are on the blacklist, and you still need to reach out to the user, you have two options:

  1. You can write to a person from a second account (for this you will have to register an account for another SIM card);
  2. Remember, you may have been in a group chat. Go to it and write a message indicating the username of the user (“@username”) – and he will see it!

And finally, a few recommendations from the Captain Obvious TeleGuide: do not break the rules of courtesy in Telegram, so that you will never be blacklisted!

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