Birthday: TOP 20 cool TikTok greetings

Birthday: TOP 20 cool TikTok greetings TikTok

On the birthday of a loved one, you don’t want to give him a duty gift or a trinket that will gather dust on a shelf for many years. We offer a selection of interesting surprise ideas from our favorite social network TikTok. Here you will find an original solution for congratulating parents, grandparents, sisters, children, soulmates and even pets.

1. Alcoholic jelly in a birthday syringe

If you are planning a birthday in the company of adult friends, you can prepare creative sweets in syringes. You will need a pack of delicious fruit jelly and a bottle of hard liquor such as high-end vodka. For the beauty of serving, the finished mass is poured into syringes, which must be sent to the refrigerator until it solidifies. This yummy will be the highlight of your table!

In the warm season, you can cook “Drunken Watermelon”. With the help of a corkscrew, an incision is made in it, then part of the pulp is removed and the neck of any alcoholic drink is inserted inside. For this purpose, liqueur is perfect. The birthday boy will definitely appreciate your efforts!

2. Delicious handmade gift

This video shows the process of making a Milka Schokokuchen mix cake, but you can use any other idea. You can make a classic cocoa chocolate cake, spend a little time creating a no-bake cheesecake, or a delicate tiramisu. The cake will look much more spectacular if you add food coloring to the biscuit.

3. Money cake for grandma or grandpa

Our grandparents are often very modest, and when you ask them what to give for their birthday, they answer: “A cake will be enough.” We are sure that the dessert with cash filling will definitely surprise them!

4. An exciting quest for dad

A homemade gift, created with love and with the interests of the father in mind, is a win-win option for a child of any age. The heroine of this video placed the present in a small chest and hid the key to it in a secluded place. To find the key, dad needs to go through a small quest, thought up with humor.

5. Touching photo collage for parents

In just a few minutes, with the help of special services, you can create a colorful photo collage for dad or mom. Use joint family photos when developing it, including from your childhood, pictures from travels and sports competitions. Think about the achievements of parents and the main dates in their lives. If your loved ones do not use the Internet, prepare a paper collage or make a sentimental wall newspaper with your own hands, just like in the good old days!

6. Congratulations for parents at a distance

The birthday of the closest person is approaching, but you live at a great distance and will not be able to personally attend the celebration? Be inspired by the example of this football player, who even during sports competitions did not forget to congratulate his mother.

You can think of something like this:

  • order congratulations on the radio;
  • pamper mom or dad with a gift-impression: a photo session, a massage session, a few hours of ATV riding, etc.;
  • buy a chic bouquet with courier delivery and additionally order a photo of the moment of delivery of the surprise;
  • pass the gift through a close friend and ask him to heartily congratulate his parents and tell them that you love them very much.
  • 7. Romantic quest for a beloved girl or wife

    An interesting quest came up with the husband of the heroine of this video. He hid boxes with cute and romantic gifts in the apartment and completed the game with funny notes. The man clearly took care to impress his beloved, because as cute presents there are accessories, branded underwear, and sweets that almost all girls adore.

    8. Homemade book for a friend

    The heroine of this video has spent a lot of time creating a gift, but her friend has clearly never received such birthday surprises! This is a creative book that even has QR codes. By clicking on them, the birthday girl was able to listen to congratulations from the closest people. In the book itself, the girl painted all the years of her friend’s life and accompanied the text with photographs. The efforts of the author of the video deserve admiration!

    To make a cool surprise, it is not necessary to bother so much. Today, many specialized services offer assistance in preparing unique photo books and photo albums. As a rule, to develop a layout, the client just needs to upload their photos to the server, choose the appropriate template and add cute wishes to the book.

    9. Birthday card

    TikTok never ceases to amaze with simple yet super cool creative ideas! To make such a postcard, as in this video, you will spend no more than 5 minutes. You will need watercolor paints, a brush and a felt-tip pen. A great option to complement any gift.

    10. Charming pet for a girl

    Attention! Give pets for a birthday only if you know that the person has been dreaming of such a surprise for a long time and is ready to take care of the pet.

    The girl from the video is very lucky with friends. She had long wanted to receive a cute dog as a gift. Friends bought a pug and handed it to a friend in a huge pink box with balls. Judging by the reaction of the girl and the dog, they are both very glad to meet you! The cuteness of the video just rolls over!

    11. Cardboard joke for a girlfriend or friend

    If your boyfriend or girlfriend has a great sense of humor and she or he has an idol, don’t miss the chance to make a joke! The guys from the video gave a cardboard Meladze to their friend for her birthday and arranged a photo session with her favorite singer. Be sure to film the gift-making process and the recipient’s reaction on video and post it on TikTok. We are sure that the video will gain a lot of likes and comments.

    12. Money challenge for the wife

    Puzzling over what to please your girlfriend for her birthday? Give her money, but only in an original way. The man in this video handed his wife a certain amount and instructions. It says that the girl must spend every penny within one hour. If the condition is not met, then the wife will not receive any money or purchases 😊. Just look at the enthusiasm with which the heroine of the video went shopping! The amount does not have to be large, the main thing is that on her birthday the girl can spend time unusually.

    13. Sweet present with a surprise for a child, brother or sister on their birthday

    Just imagine: on your birthday, a girl or a boy opens a box, and there is another box in it, and another, and another … And at the same time, all the walls of the boxes are decorated with sweet gifts, and at the bottom lies the main surprise – a fashionable gadget or something else. of your choice. You can specially visit a store of goods from Europe to pamper your child, brother, sister with unusual sweets. Such an idea will cause the recipient much more delight than the usual store-bought set of sweets and separately donated equipment.

    14. Bomb prank on a friend’s birthday

    The idea is risky, but a person with a sense of humor will definitely appreciate it! In no case do not repeat the plot if the recipient has heart problems.

    The birthday boy is walking down the street or sitting at home, not bothering anyone, and then suddenly a whole crowd of special forces grab him, handcuff him and drag him into the car, and even pull a mask over his head … A few minutes later they bring him somewhere, take off the mask, and Here he is met by a crowd of friends.

    Here are just a few extreme scenarios offered by specialized event agencies. Such a show can be organized independently, showing imagination:

  • the recipient may allegedly be planted with prohibited substances;
  • he will be accused of complicity in a serious crime;
  • fans of horror films and computer games will love pranks in the appropriate style.
  • 15. A positive present for a friend who recently broke up with a guy

    Almost before her birthday, her boyfriend left her friend, and she is not in the mood to celebrate her holiday? Prepare a gift that will definitely make her smile. It can be a box with various gizmos that will make the girl forget about what happened. Be sure to accompany each item with cute notes. You can put in the set:

  • an alcoholic drink that will give a little courage and courage;
  • fashionable energy drink to gain strength after endless quarrels;
  • a scented candle that gives light to a wonderful future;
  • multi-colored chewing candies, reminding that after the rain there will definitely be a rainbow.
  • 16. Week / month of gifts until the birthday

    This is a good option for surprises for children and teenagers, who are often literally counting the hours until their birthday. On the wall, you can place a board with 7-30 plastic cups, inside of which are wrapped mini-presents with cute notes. These can be chocolates, accessories, cosmetic items, collectible models of cars, etc. At the bottom of such a board, you need to place a larger container with the main gift that a person will receive on his birthday.

    17. Beautiful birthday greetings on TikTok

    So you can congratulate the girl for whom you have feelings, but so far you are not in a relationship. The author of the video made a professional make-up and cooked or ordered an exclusive cake, and then posted the video on TikTok with well-chosen music. Stylish and original birthday greetings will win the heart of any lady.

    18. Organization of a festive celebration on your own

    In the cold season, you can order a banquet in a restaurant, and in the summer you have complete freedom of creativity! You can rent a gazebo by the river and set the table with your favorite dishes and drinks of the birthday boy, decorate the space with balloons and flowers. One of the friends will bring the hero of the occasion to the place of celebration blindfolded and … The reaction of the birthday girl can be seen in this video.

    19. Boyfriend birthday gifts

    A girl or wife can surprise her loved one:

  • certificate for extreme entertainment;
  • some gadgets, including electronics for a car;
  • solid beer bouquet with salty snacks;
  • sports equipment;
  • backpack with a combination lock.
  • The main thing is that the birthday present should be useful and not boring at the same time. You can give a gift in an unusual setting, for example, by arranging a romantic date on the roof of the house or on the observation deck of a multi-storey building.

    20. Birthday for a beloved pet

    You want to please not only friends and relatives, but also pets with something pleasant on your birthday. It is not necessary to limit yourself to your favorite treats: please your pet with a toy, a new house, a scratching post, a drinking fountain.

    To cheer up, we recommend finally watching a funny birthday video from Sergey Glushko:

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