40+ Best Trending TikTok Video Ideas in 2023

Топ-40 актуальных идей для съемки видео в «Тик Ток» в 2021 году TikTok

Beginning bloggers in pursuit of popularity are interested in what to shoot on Tik Tok. Experienced channel owners, in order to attract the attention of the audience and increase the number of subscribers, choose a certain direction (cuts, pranks, memes, reviews) and thoughtfully work on topics. With a successful selection, the page quickly becomes popular, gets into the “Interesting” and “Recommended” sections.

Getting ready to shoot for TikTok

Content on a social network is conditionally divided into three types:

  • entertaining;
  • useful;
  • aesthetic direction.

If the finished material does not fall under these conditions, it has little chance of collecting a sufficient number of likes and views.

Top 40 Trending Tik Tok Video Ideas in 2021

For a novice blogger, the preparatory stage with the choice of the target audience is important. To get started, you can view the ideas of popular channels, evaluate their approach to implementation and their own capabilities.

What content is in demand on Tik Tok

At the initial stages, when uploading a video to a social network, the system analyzes prohibited topics:

  • the presence of blood;
  • violence;
  • pornography;
  • drugs, tobacco products, etc.

If everything is in order, the material is shown to a small group of users, in parallel, their reaction is evaluated. The system takes into account the following rating parameters:

  • frequency of likes – “Like” marks;
  • the number of comments received;
  • share metrics – how often users share a video.

Interesting content includes posts with above-average scores:

  • for “likes” – 8.5;
  • final views – at least 65%.

The social network is dynamic and may recommend clips with lower ratings. The main indicator of popularity is the “finish rate” – how many viewers managed to watch the video to the end.

Moderation takes place in 2 stages:

  • primary – verification is carried out at 10 thousand views;
  • secondary – if the number of viewers crossed the border of 35 thousand people.

If the administration has no complaints about the clip, it continues to collect views. Moderators can block videos at any stage if they don’t like something. Interesting videos are shown not only on Russian territory. Before exhibiting, they undergo an additional check, in accordance with the legislation of other states.

On the site, related hashtags are the only way to find videos. Ads go through challenges tied to tags. Many bloggers set third-party values ​​that are not related to the video sequence to increase the audience. The idea is not very successful – over time, the channel will become recognizable, viewers will stop clicking on the page.

The main rule of successful promotion of the resource is the uniqueness of the posted materials. Repeat will give the minimum number of likes. It is better to create analogues of videos located in the “Interesting” tab, with the introduction of your own “highlights”.

100% plagiarism can cause a video ban, and numerous complaints from the authors of original ideas can lead to the removal of the channel.

The main goal for tiktoker is popularity. Well-chosen Tik Tok video ideas will help you find your niche in the social network. Bloggers support existing trends or create their own through trial and error.

Advice. You can try to shoot videos on different topics to understand which subsection (humor, learning, life hacks) works best.

Humor (sketches, vines, pranks and parodies)

Funny content with a funny and life story is attractive to viewers. Audience response increases if subscribers recognize themselves in various funny situations shown in sketches and vines.

Pranks or harmless pranks are played on acquaintances, relatives or ordinary passers-by. The main idea is the reaction of people, without spoiled mood or physical damage.

Similar goals are pursued when shooting parodies of popular television series or movies. The scene shown in the video should resemble the original as much as possible. Such content guarantees an increase in views, subscriptions and likes.

Top 40 Trending Tik Tok Video Ideas in 2021


By them is meant any idea, symbol, sound, transmitted in the form of imitation. A popular format on the social network are videos imitating famous memes. Entries are always quoted, new options appear every week.


Romantic relationships in the materials can cover stories from personal life, problems or reactions to the same situation of guys, girls. Some tiktokers prefer to show surprises for the second half, preparation for a tete-a-tete meeting, etc.

Social themes

In such videos, it is customary to raise serious topics about love, inequality, and problems. The main idea of ​​social topics is to convey an important idea to the audience, to find a response in the soul of the viewer.

Vital and important records are positively evaluated by teenagers and adult audiences.


Cheerful, incendiary music and dancing are popular on TikTok, collecting a large number of likes. In parallel, you can record training videos. Simple and effective dance moves are liked by everyone.

Top 40 Trending Tik Tok Video Ideas in 2021

dressing up

To create a video, a montage is used to help change clothes every second. Girls can try on men’s brands, boys – women’s. For clips, costumes of characters from fairy tales, films or uniforms, images of a “real kid” are suitable.


Entries require make-up skills and suitable clothing, reminiscent of the costumes of popular pov-heroes of video games, anime, TV shows. The blogger should become as similar as possible to the selected character.

Challenges, flash mobs and competitions

Popular materials are located in the “Favorites” subsection. The author can take part in top challenges, flash mobs, compete with other channel owners. Such records are trendy, with increased interest of the audience.


The format uses videos with relatives, friends from the university, other authors of the social network. Recording together with popular tiktokers helps in promoting the account. Some of the co-author’s viewers will subscribe to the new channel.

video slicing

Shooting does not always work the first time, there is a lot of interesting and funny behind the scenes. A cut from unsuccessful takes, including errors in lines, the appearance of strangers in frames, or a cat that interferes with creating material, will amuse the audience and increase the number of views.

Beauty videos

The social network is viewed by many girls who love to learn care recommendations. The video uses ideas about beautiful hairstyles, nail treatment, creating non-standard manicure (girlfriends are invited to play the role of a model).

Beauty content is in high demand on TikTok, but requires basic knowledge of a hairdresser or makeup artist.

Fashion & Style

A feminine format rarely used by male writers. Recordings teach to dress stylishly, talk about the latest fashion trends. The main emphasis in the TOP is on beautiful, but inexpensive things that are accessible to most viewers.

Top 40 Trending Tik Tok Video Ideas in 2021


Videos with cats, dogs, guinea pigs or hamsters in funny situations are perceived positively. You can start a separate Tik Tok page for your pet, shoot a mini-series with the main actor – an animal.

Slow Motion

Slow motion videos are created in a special social network editor. Slowmo is used to emphasize important scenes or get an unusual effect.

TikTok editor helps not only slow down, but also speed up the video.


You can surprise the audience with spectacular tricks with coins, cards. To form a video sequence, it is not necessary to know hundreds of ways, it is enough to master the clip editing program. Such magic is perceived better than the most mysterious trick.

Clips and covers of famous compositions

Short versions of video clips with popular music will arouse the interest of the public. Cover videos or funny parodies of famous things are recorded in the same way.

Top 40 Trending Tik Tok Video Ideas in 2021


Video cutting with drawing characters, small paintings arouses the interest of the audience. Due to the limited time of the clips, even the creation of clay sculptures or wooden figurines will have to be cut.

life hacks

Useful or funny helper clips explain the rules for completing a specific task quickly. Ideas about removing nail polish, cleaning contaminated surfaces, updating boring things are used as a basis.

Homemade (DIY)

The format is called DIY. Short instructions help subscribers to repeat the actions of the author and create interesting things on their own. The TikTok audience loves talented people who can make the right products.


Tiktokers shoot recipes for cooking certain dishes. Several commercials gradually become a culinary mini-series. For people who do not know how to cook, a brief overview of fast food orders is suitable: KFS, McDonald’s. Posts with food from restaurants, clubs always collect a lot of likes, views and comments.

Sports and fitness

The authors shoot their own hobbies, but spectacular tricks, somersaults, feints with balls are in great demand. Training videos about body training are no less interesting, they quickly find their audience.


Shooting new, vintage or beautiful cars and motorcycles is done in the form of a review. The main problem of the channel is the constant search for transport that has not yet been illuminated.

Well-known car or motorcycle manufacturers do not allow beginners to shoot review videos.


The direction in the videos depends on the specialization of the account owner. The tutorial videos cover:

  • learning foreign languages ​​(English, German, Spanish, etc.);
  • sports training with explanations by a fitness trainer;
  • cooking rules.

Video materials are released in series with a continuation.

Working moments

The audience is interested in behind-the-scenes moments:

  • camera used for filming;
  • exposure of light;
  • installation of the finished material.

Immersion in workflows is no less interesting than watching a finished clip.

Top 40 Trending Tik Tok Video Ideas in 2021

street video

Shooting is carried out during walks, allows you to take unusual and interesting moments into the lens. The video uses beautiful landscapes, nature, performances of street actors or musicians.

Computer games

Video game lovers talk about their hobbies on camera. The materials contain popular computer games, the author’s opinion on recently released projects, cuts from funny moments during the process itself (creating Brawl Stars characters in Gacha Life, etc.).


Videos with soothing or sticky moments accompanied by relaxing music. As an idea, a waterfall, clouds, sea waves are used.

There are no cool action, unexpected transitions or loud sounds in relax.


Travel clips are suitable for travel lovers. Viewers are shown funny moments on trips, local attractions, beautiful landscapes. The format is popular due to the limited amount of content.

Enviroment protection

The contribution to improving the environmental situation will not go unnoticed. Planting trees, shrubs, clearing the area of ​​abandoned bottles or paper, releasing fish, crayfish will attract the attention of users.

It is not necessary to participate in large-scale projects. It is enough to collect garbage in the nearest forest, on the river bank.


Used by authors with a professional approach to video filming. The backstage shows the process of creating clips. Sometimes the preparatory stages are more interesting than the final results.


Recordings of old things, cars or technology should evoke nostalgia. Professionals shoot entire series about individual eras or subjects.


Experimental videos with the usual Coca-Cola, Mentos are still in trend. Research must meet safety standards for the hero of the video and the people around. If the results of a future experiment are in doubt, then it is better to abandon it. A few dozen likes and subscribers cannot restore lost health.

macro photography

Videos of small details close-up attract attention and are classified as “sticky”. Droplets of water flowing down a blade of grass or glass make you watch the clip for hours.


Used by budding artists, animators and designers. It is used as live wallpaper (hashtags #wallpaper) and is not complex in structure. Artists like to create interactive comics, and designers like to create housing or garden projects.

Top 40 Trending Tik Tok Video Ideas in 2021

Shopping and unpacking

Orders in online stores allow Unboxing. With a creative approach, unpacking purchases becomes interesting and unusual. Quick reviews of purchases in stores increase the interest of the audience. It is enough to visit a regular supermarket and show the purchased products.

It is noticed that the fifteen-second format holds the attention of the viewers better.

Reviews and selections

Funny clips from other social networks, funny scenes from your own sketches amuse subscribers and attract new users. A brief overview of services or goods is also used for video sequences.

Emotions and reactions

Your own or other people’s emotions are gaining a lot of views. Of particular interest are the reactions of pets to unfamiliar things or prohibitions. Attention is paid to facial expressions in a non-standard situation.

Interactives (polls, guessing games, interviews)

Live communication with subscribers includes:

  • Online polls – users answer the questions asked in the comments. The promotion of the profile and the inclusion of the channel in the list of recommended ones depend on the activity of the audience, the number of inscriptions.
  • Questions are conducted in a similar way. In the video, the author asks questions of interest and reads the comments. Responses are sent in video format. 2-3 questions or answers are given per video.
  • Testing – takes place in the form of guessing the movie, the name of the song from excerpts.

Can be used in an interactive interview with another blogger or famous person.


Shooting your own or someone else’s babies gives you the opportunity to get funny recordings. But the social network clearly complies with the law on the protection of the interests and personal information of children, so there may be unpleasant moments with deletion or blocking.

Before posting entries, you need to make sure that they do not violate the law.

video diary

The format for lovers of aesthetics implies a selection of interesting and beautiful shots, complemented by musical accompaniment. Most video diaries are tagged with #memories. In them you can learn the nuances of the formation of the clip.

Failed Ideas

In 2020-2021, many familiar videos have lost their relevance and are of no interest to most viewers. Useless to use:

  • a primitive parody of dancing;
  • lips moving to the music track;
  • change of clothes without installation, etc.

The promotion of the social network began with these videos, now the niches are full of records. Monotony, lack of zest and original content will not allow the account to reach a leading position. The channel will be lost among hundreds of similar ones.

Top 40 Trending Tik Tok Video Ideas in 2021

Security VS Popularity

The search for ideas for popular videos is not carried out without a preliminary assessment of one’s own safety. You should not risk your life and health for the sake of likes, views and comments. Bloggers often forget about the risks, get serious injuries that are not always compatible with life.

Why can an account be banned?

The social network reserves the right to delete materials:

  • criminal, terrorist orientation;
  • harmful to life and health;
  • with shocking or violent scenes;
  • discriminatory on the basis of gender, race or other affiliation;
  • with nude models or elements of pornography;
  • violating copyrights;
  • with spam, aggression.

The close attention of the moderators is directed to the clips with the participation of children. You can get a ban:

  • with naked babies – in whole or in part;
  • the absence of parents in the frame;
  • violation of the rights of the child or due to the disclosure of his personal data (you need to use a nickname).

Failure to comply with the requirements specified in the conditions leads to two types of blocking:

  • video content – for minor blunders or first mistakes;
  • account – for trying to post pornographic, terrorist and other clips, constant violations of TikTok requirements.

The administration can block the video in the system during the initial viewing of the materials by the moderator or based on user complaints.

Promoting a channel on a social network requires a thoughtful approach to creating clips. Original entries that comply with the rules of TikTok will quickly find their fans, transfer the page to the category of recommended ones. Experienced bloggers advise beginners not to get carried away with the idea of ​​shooting their own children – such materials undergo the toughest moderation against the backdrop of the fight against pedophilia.

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