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How to make money on FlowTok TikTok

One of the ways to make money is Tik Tok Flow (tiktok flow) on the FlowTok website. Channel owners can get good money if the conditions of the resource are met exactly.

Earn money by shooting a video for a song

The social network promotes music tracks, allowing both beginners and professional performers to use its functionality. If the account owner has a sufficient number of followers and likes, then the musicians pay for the promotion of melodies. The only thing left for the authors is to shoot a video for someone else’s song (create a remix) from users.

On a note. They pay for the work as for ordinary advertising. The average price is from 200-300 ***, the fee depends on the number of subscribers and likes.

FlowTok website

The site is an intermediary platform between the account holder and the performer of the musical composition. The program allows you to earn:

  • on subscribers;
  • Likes on Tik Tok;
  • video views.
  • The official news channel offers guests to log in via Google or VKontakte. Verification takes a minimum amount of time, then the system will redirect the user to the application. A list of paid simple tasks opens there.

    On the site you can see:

  • a line offering to tell subscribers how to make money with videos on TikTok Flow;
  • referral link – designed to receive a stable passive income from the earnings of subscribers.
  • The program offers to share the link with acquaintances, friends and subscribers. Each recommendation is monetized by the number of likes and views of subscribers. Services are paid for by advertising customers, promoting music tracks.

    flow currentflow current

    15 *** per video

    A sharp decrease in the cost per video is due to the spread of plagiarism, non-original parodies of already released clips. To earn more and get more likes, the account owner must apply for activation – the service will check for stolen content (which can also be downloaded from third-party resources), compare screen recordings. Checking the uniqueness is mandatory – without it, the maximum amount per video will not exceed 15 ***.

    What is “holda”

    After the accrual of earnings, 20% remains with the account owner, the rest goes to the “hold”. A day later, the balance of the amount is credited additionally. The procedure is associated with a check in which the operation performed is confirmed. This approach helps to eliminate fraud, in which the exposed clip is deleted.

    What tasks should not be done

    The list of tasks also includes tasks for registering on sites. You should not contact them – some may be paid, give errors. As a result, money will be wasted.

    Withdrawal of money

    You can withdraw your earnings using:

  • bank card;
  • Qiwi wallet;
  • YuMoney service (Yandex.Money).
  • Funds are transferred to the account of the mobile operator, payments are made instantly. When using a qiwi wallet, problems may arise due to a foreign SIM card. The verification system will ask for passport data.

    Features of earning on FlowTokFeatures of earning on FlowTok

    Error 522: why is FlowTok not working

    Users were informed in advance that the page works only until 12/31/2020. That is why when you enter the resource, the inscription “error 522” appears.

    User comments

    1. How common are tasks to promote music tracks?

    “You should not treat this technique as a means of permanent income. The appearance of applications is connected with the desire of the client to start promoting music, get a large number of views, subscribers and likes.

    2. I can’t log in with my Google account – long loading time?

    “You need to try to enter in another way or wait. If there is no result, it is better to change the mailbox.

    3. Why don’t I earn bonuses for watching TikTok videos?

    “Only those videos that are specified in the task are paid.”

    Earnings in a social network depend on the user’s activity, the demand for materials, the number of subscribers and likes. Do not hope for instant results – first you should study the experience of other participants who collaborated with Tik Tok Flow.

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