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Baby Ariel TikTok

Baby Ariel is a typical proof that an ordinary girl with a sense of humor and a pretty face can become a very influential person thanks to social networks. Posting simple short videos with jokes, songs and dances, she has amassed a multimillion-dollar army of subscribers on TikTokk, Instagram and YouTube.

Baby Ariel

Real name: Ariel Martin

Birthday: November 22, 2000

Location: Pembroke Pines, Florida, USA

Nationality: Jewish

Age: 19 years old

Height: 157 cm

Weight: 59 kg

Figure parameters: 89-66-86

Shoe size: 5 (US) or 36 (EU)

Eye color: green

Hair color: light brown

Marital status: in a relationship with Daniel Sky

Family: mother Sharon Martin, father Jose Martin, brother King Jacob Martin

Career: popular blogger, pop singer, actress.

Tik Tok followers: 30 million

Path to fame

Now millions of teenagers dream of popularity and diligently create content for social networks. But Ariel Martin did not even think about popularity. In 2015, at the age of 14, she simply downloaded an app that was coming into fashion, shot a couple of funny videos for fun, and instantly gained a crowd of fans.

Already in 2016, she received the prestigious Teen Choice Award, and in 2017 she was named the most influential teenager in the world. Even then, she had over 9 million followers on Tik Tok.


my first try 😔

♬ what they want by russ — vintagetune

But such popularity did not turn the girl’s head: she continued to work hard on content and study, as a result of which she got movie roles and recorded her own videos. And recently, the character of the popular game The Sims 4 was created in her image.

Earning Baby Ariel in social networks

At the time of the beginning of Ariel’s blogging career, her family lived rather poorly. The girl’s parents are immigrants from Panama, they bought housing in Florida with a mortgage and could barely cope with the payments. Today, YouTube alone estimates Ariel’s estimated income at $674,000 a year. At the same time, she has 3 million subscribers on video hosting, while 7 million on Instagram, and more than 30 on TikTok. And blogging is far from the only occupation of Baby Ariel:

  • With the growth of popularity, she began to sing not only short tunes and covers of her favorite bands, but also her own songs. The single “Aww” became a quite successful debut, followed by others – “Pref”, the soundtrack to the animated film “Zombies 2” and a joint song with Daniel Sky “Say it”. Each of the songs became a hit and continues to bring Baby Ariel monthly income;
  • Also, the image of the girl was repeatedly used to create cartoon characters – “Brats”, Sims 2, Ariel is also filmed in the movies. In the films “Disney Fam Jam”, “Zombies 2” and “Chicken Girls”, she even played the main roles;
  • Baby Ariel also repeatedly acted as a model, getting on the front pages of glossy magazines.
  • The variety of activities and activity of the young blogger do not allow us to fully assess her total income. You can try to calculate tik tok on a calculator, but these will be very approximate numbers. But it is enough to know that she is listed by Forbes as one of the youngest millionaires and entrepreneurs. Moreover, according to the Teen Choice Award, she twice became the most influential teenager of the year – in 2016 and 2017, and also won the Favorite Social Media Star award in 2017.

    Ariel Martin’s first business

    Many successful bloggers from TikTok or Instagram, being popular, release their own lines of clothing, stationery and other small things. Succumbing to the temptation, Ariel also tried her luck in the clothing business – she released a series of stickers of her own design in 2016. But alas, stickers with the image of Baby herself received much more demand. Therefore, this activity quickly faded away.

    Family and personal life

    Is it worth hiding that the graceful figure and swarthy face of Ariel are the envy of millions of teenagers from all over the world? She inherited them from her mother Sharon, a Jewess of American origin, and her father, Jose, a Panamanian whose roots go back to the same tribes of the Mayan Indians who prophesied the end of the world. The family currently lives in Florida, USA.

    Ariel’s life, as always, is full of events and tasks. She successfully juggles high school, blogging, an acting career, and a personal relationship with Daniel Sky. The guy even publicly congratulated the girl on her birthday on social networks in 2019. But in 2020, she was already seen in the company of Zach Clayton. Alas, this guy does not have stellar fame – he is inconspicuous in social networks and does not stand out in anything special. There is practically no information about him on the net.

    Separately, it is worth mentioning Ariel’s brother, King Martin. Like his sister, he has gained a lot of popularity on TikTok and Instagram. The age difference of 3 years did not make a barrier to the relationship between brother and sister – on the contrary, they are very friendly and often spend time together.

    baby ariel with brother Baby Ariel with her brother

    Together they enjoy skateboarding, swimming and going to the movies. By the way, King Martin is also very handsome, thanks to which he has gained a multi-million army of fans who besiege him with messages of declarations of love.

    Bybee Ariel has repeatedly said that if it were not for the support of her brother and parents, then her stellar career would not have happened. After all, at first she was besieged and criticized by Internet trolls, as a result of which the girl almost quit her job. Only a frank conversation with my mother and the support of loved ones helped to continue what we started.

    Baby Ariel – the first troll fighter

    Surely, about 90% of bloggers gave up their careers due to negative comments addressed to them. However, they are often completely unconstructive. For example, a blogger can be scolded for the color of her hair or the shape of her nose, and even the prettiest girls often get a message from the trolls that she is terrible. Ariel experienced a similar onslaught. She sobbed into her pillow at night after another such comment.

    But popularity grew, the number of subscribers increased every day. And soon the girl began to pay less and less attention to criticism. And becoming a real social media star, she organized her #ArielMovement movement to fight trolls. And this became one of the most important undertakings of Ariel. She supported many teenagers and helped them to maintain their confidence and continue to work on the blog.

    Ariel’s project has received significant support in the press – it is noted as her main achievement by BlackBook and People publications.

    Baby Ariel in the press

    Since 2016, Baby Ariel has appeared regularly in the media. So, she was a guest on the TV shows “60 Minutes”, “Good Morning America”, was invited as a host to a popular dance competition.

    Her photos have repeatedly appeared on the covers of publications such as People, Billboard, Forbes, Paper Magazine and others. Baby Ariel, with her chiseled figure, could well have built a career as a model, but obviously did not want to. She considers music to be her calling. And not unreasonably:

  • Each of her new tracks becomes a hit on YouTube and TikTok;
  • Ariel has no musical education – she is just a talented self-taught;
  • She has signed contracts with popular recording studios since 2016;
  • Admirers are even among very authoritative people. So, many musicians have already offered Ariel to record joint singles, and her voice has become the personification of the films and games The Sims 4 and Zombies 2
  • Ariel Martin loves to dance. This can be seen not only in the clips, but also in the TikTok account, series and her participation in television projects.

    Baby Ariel in The Sims 4

    Let’s face it: no one expected her in this game. Perhaps that is why another wave of trolling and negativity against the girl has risen. After all, the previously invited guests of the game were Avril Lavigne, Jon Bon Jovi, Christina Aguilera – musicians whose level of significance cannot be denied. And the appearance in the next application of a blogger, who is not so well known to the general public, led to a lot of not very pleasant discussions.

    However, Baby Ariel appeared in three episodes of the game – on the red carpet, at a private party and in a club with a guitar. And even sang along to it. Isn’t this recognition of the glory of a young and talented singer?

    baby ariel in the sims

    Ariel’s plans for the future

    Blogging is a relatively new area of ​​popularity. And it is not a fact that she will be able to stay on the wave for 20-30 years or more. And Baby Ariel understands this very well. They strive to maintain popularity by taking part in television shows and youth series. But still she dreams of a career as a singer. And he takes every step towards it:

  • Ariel has already recorded 8 singles. Each of them has amassed several million views on YouTube;
  • The first album of the singer will be released very soon;
  • The media have already dubbed her the savior of pop music, and some even predict the glory of Michael Jackson.
  • Let’s not forget that Ariel is still a very young girl. At the same time, in her 19 years, she managed to do much more than many of us in our entire lives. She not only achieved popularity herself, but also extended a helping hand to other girls suffering from attacks by trolls. Having no musical education, but possessing a very characteristic voice and manner of performance, she paved her way into popular American studios. Ariel over the past 5 years has won as many awards as many fail to receive in the entire history of the family.

    Nevertheless, she remains an active and cheerful teenager who studies well and is already preparing to enter the university. “Only after receiving a full-fledged education will I be able to devote myself 100% to my beloved work,” says Ariel. It remains only to wish her success in this.

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