Telegram Account Auto-Destruction


The main feature of Telegram is confidentiality. Here you can easily delete your account without dancing with tambourines (hello,!) Or erase messages. These features let you literally disappear from the web without leaving a trace.

Automatic account deletion occurs after six months of profile inactivity. Simply put, if you do not enter the application or show no activity in it, then Telegram destroys the account on its own . You will not be able to cancel the deletion of the account: the messenger erases the data on the server irrevocably.

However, it is possible to configure the program so that it automatically destroys the account not after 6 months, but sooner or later. All this can be done both from a mobile phone and a computer:

  1. We go into the settings and look for the item “Privacy and Security”.
  2. In the list we find the field “Automatic account deletion” we need.
  3. Choosing a period.
Telegram account auto-destruction
Selecting the period after which the account will be deleted

Everything will be destroyed along with the profile, including the list of contacts and groups, dialogs and settings. Be careful: the messages you wrote, in any case, will be saved in group chats and among your interlocutors.

And finally, a trick from the TeleGuide:

If you want to delete the account along with your channel, then nothing will come of it. The channel will simply lose the creator (you), but will not pass to anyone and will continue to exist on the server.

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