Alarm clock from Tik Tok: funny videos

Alarm clock from Tik Tok: funny videos TikTok

Back in early September, humorous videos began to appear on TikTok, the main theme of which was the alarm clock. Users of the social network began to upload videos to the classical melody, conveying their mood or showing their reaction to this morning “irritant”. In entertainment content, those people who cannot wake up in the morning from an alarm clock will definitely see themselves, and continue to see colorful dreams accompanied by annoying sounds. It turns out that the human brain is capable of truly amazing and not always logical things 😊.

Alarm clock from Tik Tok: funny videosDancing to the alarm clock

Perhaps one of the most popular videos for a flash mob with an alarm clock was posted by the STS channel. The boring melody sounded in a completely new way when the main character of the cult series “Voronins” Leonid (actor Stanislav Duzhnikov) danced to it. The audience was also amused by his very unusual dance partner.

Another video that has captivated millions of TikTok users combines the sounds of an alarm clock and a video shot near some bazaar. Two friends, obviously preferring an idle lifestyle with strong drinks, decided to amuse the people with a musical number. One plays the guitar, and the other steps to the sound of an alarm clock.

Many tiktokers also began to record their own videos, and without using any tricky props. Wrapped up in a cozy blanket, bloggers began to dance to the smooth melody of the alarm clock.

Sometimes we all have fabulous and pleasant dreams, which are interrupted at the most interesting place by the same ill-fated alarm clock. Wealth, travel, romance – and suddenly out of nowhere … strange sounds that our brain does not immediately recognize.

One of the tiktokers is so upset about the need to get up in the morning that he decided to show all the pain and suffering in the form of a kind of duel with an alarm clock. One look at the sad expression on the guy’s face is enough to exclaim: “Bro, I understand you so much.”

Of course, there are a lot of varieties of classic alarm clock melodies, but most of them have one thing in common: they do not at all contribute to cheerfulness and morning rise. Girls will definitely understand the heroine of this video, whose boyfriend got himself an alarm clock and continued to sleep sweetly.

And after a cool party, it also happens that a person who has walked up seems to want to start an alarm clock, but … something goes wrong. Like in this video:

English actress Natalya Bochkareva also did not refuse to participate in the creative challenge. In the video, she showed that with a busy work schedule, it sometimes seems that the alarm clock is already ringing when, it would seem, you have not even had time to lie down on the bed in the evening and fall asleep.

How do you like the idea of ​​using an alarm clock to shoot a video on Tik Tok? Perhaps you have cool ideas for new videos or have you already filmed something? We are waiting for your comments!

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