A boy with a finger conquers Tik Tok. A finger to brag about.

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In the strange and crazy world of TikTok, one student from Westport, Massachusetts, USA, became popular overnight.

When you first meet Jacob Pina, you would say that he is the most ordinary guy. But looking closely, you can see a distinctive feature – the thumb of the right hand. It is very long and flexible. Pina recorded a video where he knocks a bottle off the table with his finger and became a star of the network.

The finger is an incredible length of 5 inches, which is 12.7 cm. Jacob does not understand why nature ordered it this way, but boldly shows the finger to others.

After it was noticed by TikTok users, a miracle happened to Pina’s @jwpina account. The number of subscribers increased from 2,000 to 150,000 people + 2.5 million hearts. The numbers continue to grow. The nickname was not long in coming. Tiktokers called the guy like “boy with thumb”.

“When people see my thumb, they go into a stupor. Then they try to figure out what’s the matter and try on their fingers. I’m excited about what’s happening. It’s cool to be unique and accept yourself for who I am.”

Jacob quickly settled into the role of a star, and Tik Tok users have questions. In the comments under the video, tiktokers leave their impressions, wishes, some write that this is a montage.

Someone is trying to joke:

“If you ever have to hail a cab, you know who to call.”

Ask questions:

Can you use a lighter and wear gloves?

Are you comfortable writing?

Are the prints normal?

Do you use photoshop?

As you can see, for popularity on Tik Tok, it is important not only to have the ability to open your mouth to music, but also to have a unique appearance. Jacob Pina is proof of that. Good luck man in your endeavors. We are waiting for you in the news “a boy with a finger.”

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