50+ Best Bots For Telegram That Everyone Should Know [Updated 2022]


Here are 50 bots that can come in handy at different times. The first five are bots that the editors either use or appreciate their coolness. The rest of the list we also carefully checked. And we immediately warn that some “assistants” may work intermittently.

@ilounge_official  – all the most interesting news about technology, useful features and wallpaper selections every day. The perfect channel for technology lovers.


@WeathersBot is a bot that shows the weather in any selected locality. In addition to information about the current weather, the bot can tell you about forecasts for 5 and 10 days in advance. It is possible to automatically receive a weather report every day at a specified time.

@delorean_bot – Feel like Doc Brown and send a reminder to your future self! Despite the name, the DeLorean is not included. But the bot copes with the reminder function.

@meduzaprobot is Meduza’s news bot. Words are superfluous.

@novaposhta_bot is a personal “New Almost” bot that allows you to track the delivery of parcels. No kidding.

@weatherman_bot – the morning does not start with coffee, but with the question “What’s the weather like today?” here to this guy.

@temp_mail_bot – need a temporary email for random registration? You here.

@storebot – a bot of all bots or just a store where you can find a bot to your taste. Yes, I know that I repeated the word “bot” three times in one sentence.

@pollbot – need a poll in the chat? This guy will help. And it will even give you the opportunity to prescribe answers.

@hangbot – It’s simple. Played “Gallows” on a leaf? What about an electronic device? But now you can play it in the messenger.

@foodsearchbot – the bot will find where you can eat nearby. Helpful bot.

@movie_bot – If you’ve already found a girl and a bottle of wine, but you don’t know what movie to watch, ask this “guy”. Just decide on the genre.

@misis_bot – if you are busy studying, this bot will help you find educational materials in the library of the Russian National Research Technological University “MISiS”.

@grammarnazibot – the bot does not send illiterate people to the camps, but it gets pretty nervous when you send him a text with errors. And yet it fixes it.

@topdf_bot – and this guy is generally good! What is another name for a bot that converts text documents and images to PDF format?

@dict_bot – quick translation from English into German – without registration, SMS and with an explanatory (in every sense) dictionary.

@ytranslatebot – if you need to translate from any other language, then you are here.

telegram bot

@CurrencyKievBot – exchange rates according to the website of the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance. The beauty! And although not.

@filesbot – File transfers between users have never been done using a bot. And now it’s the other way around. You can store and send.

@ImageSearchBot – search for photos for every taste and color.

@BonAppetit_bot ,  @mycookbot – two bots at once for those who like to cook and make it delicious! Take your pick (pun intended).

@zombiebot – have you ever tried to communicate with zombies? Try.

@K908Bot is a bot with a name! Kolya will remember your card and will transfer money to everyone you tell (and who uses this bot). The editors thought to actively use the bot, but for some reason he ate UAH 5 from the editor-in-chief. commissions. After this, the experiments stopped.

@nationalgeographic_bot – everything is as it should be – the best photos of National Geographic from around the world. You can even choose a theme.

@GetMusicBot – Search for music on SoundCloud and YouTube in order to share your favorite tracks with friends.


@flibustamirrorbot ,  @freebooksbot ,  @mybookbot – three, three bots for bookworms at once. And among them is the legendary “Flibusta”! You choose the author, the book and the format – you get (the book) and read. That’s just Telegram for some reason does not want to immediately save the file to iBooks. You have to get out through Dropbox.

@old_lentachbot – good old Lentach in Telegram. Everything is clear too

@porokhobot – yes, yes, this is a bot that porokhobot with might and main. Loves the President.

@instagramgirlsbot – for those who like to look at girls. Beautiful photos straight from Instagram.

@umadbot – gifs and memes for every taste, color and situation.

@blackrealtor_bot is a LUN bot that checks if apartment rental ads are up-to-date. Current bot!

@footballquizbot is a quiz for football experts. Not the hardest, to be honest.

@lentachgangbot  – there is already news from Lentach. And this bot pulls the funniest comments from the feed.

@formula_1bot – Formula 1 fans, rejoice! Seriously, the bot is just for you, it shows news and up-to-date information on the Big Prizes.

@adme_smart_bot – Do you like to read Adme? Check out this SMS-correspondence (joke) and a bot that displays all the news of the resource.

@mypokerbot  is the most popular Texas Holdem on Telegram.


@country_bot is a flag guessing quiz. Have you seen “Entertaining Flags with Dr. Sheldon Cooper”?

@vkmusic_bot – admit it, who wants to listen to music from VK via Telegram? Enjoy.

@clarabot is a virtual assistant in the world of the Internet. Almost like a reference, only a bot and her name is Clara.

@questgamebot is a real time quest. If you have not tried to play, try. Maybe you’ll like it.

@netflixnewsbot – what’s new on Netflix? This bot knows the answer, but does not know that there is Netflix in Ukraine .

@alisearchbot ,  @ebayglobalbot ,  @amazonglobalbot – AliExpress, Ebay and Amazon. Search for any goods through these bots.

@andyrobot – Need an English friend to practice the language? Bot to help.

@zodiac_bot – so, admit it, who believes in horoscopes? If yes, then the bot is for you.

@pdanews_bot – all the best from w3bsit3-dns.com. Don’t thank the bot, he doesn’t understand this.

@slangbot – American accent – so incomprehensible, but so inviting. Okay, I turned it down, but the bot will definitely help to learn the intricacies of the US spoken language.

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