20+ Most Popular UK Tiktokers

What are the programs that will make better photos in the Tik Tok application TikTok

The TikTok social network is known for its short videos created by authors from different countries. English tiktokers, as well as channel owners from other countries, are included in the TOPs of popular video bloggers known all over the world, and not only in the UK.

TikTok began to set trends throughout the global network. With the help of the platform, newcomers and famous musicians promote songs. To do this, you need a little: shoot a short video, edit and post it to your account. The application independently recommends new products to users. In the social network, challenges that are repeated by people from different countries are no less successful. An example is the same movements for a certain music track.

There are 3.7 million social media users in the United Kingdom, with 26% of them aged 18-24. The average time spent by citizens of the country in the application is 41 minutes. The program is downloaded up to a million times a month.

The main theme of the British part of TikTok is humorous sketches and lip-synching. In the first case, sketches about the queen, stereotypical ideas about the English, their accent are popular.

You can also find “duets” in the video tapes, in which the authors compare the habits and traditions of the citizens of their state. There are enough videos about the life of schoolchildren, students, reactions to messages from Twitter.

The platform allows you to become successful, open up new opportunities for channel authors. The main secret of successful bloggers is the ability to create a harmonious atmosphere, to shock the audience. Funny clips, incendiary dances, humor and parodies help viewers escape from pressing problems, and TikTokers get hundreds of new subscribers, offers from major brands to take part in advertising of individual products.

Top 20 Most Popular UK Tiktokers

Top 20 British TikTokers

TikTok is a video platform that is rapidly growing and enjoying the attention of teenagers. The application has enough top participants who can boast of high earnings and hype.

The average age of the channel’s authors is 18-20 years old, among them there are illusionists and makeup artists. Many videos are devoted to humorous topics, makeup rules, style choices, fashion trends, pranks and tricks.

Ratings are updated daily, but some profiles are almost always in the leading positions. They can be used to determine trends and interests of users, which is important for novice authors of a social network who dream of moving into the category of top people.

Kyle Thomas

Kyle Thomas was born on September 19, 2004 in Kent. He gained fame thanks to videos with lip-synching and food tasting. Did karate as a kid, wears a Super Mario hat in some of his most popular TikTok videos.

In 2020, he signed with Gleam Futures. He has a pet meerkat named Milo. Kyle is a friend of fellow TikTok creators Holly H and Max&Harvey. His account has 24.9 million subscribers, the blogger takes the first place in the TOP-20 popular tiktokers, and the honorable 61st in the world ranking.

Top 20 Most Popular UK TiktokersKyle Thomas

Holly H

The girl initially posted sketches with humorous videos in the Vine system. Later she worked with the Musical.ly platform. Today, Holly H uploads a lot of dance-style recordings, lip-sync videos to her channel feed.

Holly H started posting videos on Vine in 2015 and amassed millions of views and followers before the app was taken down. Holly also has a YouTube channel that hosts a variety of entertainment content. She starred in a short segment of the television series High School Reunion and was nominated for a Teen Choice Award in 2018.

She has 16.5 million subscribers. Place in the UK TOP – 2, global ranking – 110.

The popularity allowed Holly to become one of the presenters at the Capital radio station, to collaborate with several global brands, including Disney.

Abby Roberts

She was born in Leeds on July 27, 2002. Abby became famous for her make-up videos. The first attempts to publicize her professionalism as a makeup artist began on the social network Instagram, later she began to run a channel on TikTok.

The girl creates full-fledged images, in her tape you can find makeup that resembles movie characters, or special makeup for Halloween. She teaches her subscribers to deal with complexes and not be ashamed of their own appearance. Abby is the promoter of the cosmetics company Anastasia Beverly Hills, managed to collect 16.4 million fans on the channel. Place in the UK TOP – 553.

Jamil Jamel Neffati

The authors of the TikTok channel, twin brothers from Poland with Indian roots, were born on October 8, 2003. The guys became famous due to comedy sketches and lipsings. The first entry on the account was for Taylor Swift’s I Knew You Were Trouble.

In parallel, the brothers run a YouTube channel. They have 12.6 million followers on TikTok. The twins have identical tattoos on their necks and have filmed videos for the bands Drake and Earth, Wind & Fire. Place in the UK TOP – 3, global ranking – 196.

Top 20 Most Popular UK TiktokersJamil Jamel Neffati

Evie Meg

Born July 22, 2000 in England, uses British Sign Language for video clips. The blogger has Tourette’s syndrome – a genetic pathology of the central nervous system, accompanied by motor and sound repetitive involuntary tics.

The girl gained fame due to her entertaining videos; as a child, she was fond of gymnastics. The girl had to stop playing sports due to an unsuccessfully broken arm, and amid stress, Evie developed Tourette’s syndrome. Patients with pathology suffer from involuntary movements and unexpected outbursts of individual words (most often curses).

The girl does not lose heart and shows how difficult it is for people to live with her illness, to constantly fight with their own body. In separate entries, her official boyfriend Peter Thomas is present. Evie has three pets: Teddy the dog and two rabbits. Place in the UK TOP – 4, global ranking – 206. The number of subscribers – 13.1 million.


She was born on July 11, 200 in a large family, she has three brothers and sisters. Shawnee’s relatives do not seek to gain fame and stay away from her admirers. The girl’s annual earnings are estimated at 50 thousand dollars, in addition to the TikTok channel, she maintains a separate account on Instagram and YouTube. She currently has 21.6 million fans.

Shawnee actively hides his personal life and does not talk about his heartfelt affections. Place in the UK TOP – 5, global ranking – 242.

Top 20 Most Popular UK TiktokersShaun

Luca Gallone

The English magician was born on March 14, 1996, has gained 8.7 million fans thanks to short videos with visual illusions. He became interested in tricks from early childhood, from the age of 18 he has been doing them professionally. Luca has participated in several television shows:

  • “Britain is looking for talent”;
  • “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”.

One of his viral videos was shown on the American TV show Right This Minute. Place in the UK TOP – 6, global ranking – 421.

Arshdeep Soni

The British illusionist was born on January 1, 1996 in Afghanistan, currently lives in London. He gained his main popularity in social networks due to card tricks, and more than 23 million people viewed the video with the disappearing coffee on the channel.

The magician trains a lot to create perfect videos, his art is of genuine interest. The number of subscribers is 8.6 million. His Instagram page is considered no less popular.

Top 20 Most Popular UK TiktokersArshdeep Soni


She was born on January 24, 1999 in London. Amelia Gissing is an English model, blogger and just a beautiful girl with her own style and unique personality. On TikTok, he posts comedy, dance and short lip sync videos.

Attractive looks and interesting videos helped her create her own fan club, consisting of 7.2 million subscribers. Place in the UK TOP – 7, global ranking – 562.


Almost nothing is known about the author. The channel has 11.5 million fans. The blogger got famous because of the prank with a dinosaur (assistant in a suit), from which he was running away. The reaction of passers-by to the joke turned out to be unique: someone ran away in horror, some fell, and the last victim dropped the food she was holding in her hands.

The video has been viewed more than 22 million times, but many viewers expressed doubts that the toy dinosaur could really scare anyone. Place in the UK TOP – 8, global ranking – 586.

Charlotte Roberts

Charlotte was born on May 12, 2003 in England, she acts as a make-up artist in videos. Created makeup options are published not only on the TikTok network, but also on Instagram. In the family, the girl is not the only star of social networks – her sister Abby is no less famous.

Charlotte has a separate page on Insta dedicated to her collection of Bratz dolls (toys with external resemblance to celebrities, designed for girls aged 8 to 13). In April 2020, the girl released a duet with Benji Krol. The total number of fans in the TikTok profile is 8.4 million people.

Place in the UK TOP – 9, global ranking – 586.

Jake Sweet

The Briton was born on August 18, 1997, his real name is Jake Sweet. Almost nothing is known about him, the guy earned popularity on the social network by releasing humorous, dance videos. Fans like Jake because of his cute smile and good looks.

Sweet has a total of 7.1 million followers. Place in the UK TOP – 11, global ranking – 610.

Top 20 Most Popular UK TiktokersJake Sweet

Christian Hanby

The blogger was born on March 8, 2003, he gained fame due to videos with jokes and pranks. Kristen Hanby has two sisters and the same number of brothers, nothing is known about his father. The author simultaneously runs a channel on YouTube, where he uploads humorous videos about the family.

He actively hides his personal life, 7.6 million people subscribe to his account on TikTok. Place in the UK TOP – 12, global ranking – 636.

MarshMello Family

The identity of the author of the channel remains unknown, but fans believe that Christopher Comstock, a DJ and producer in the electronic music genre, is hiding behind the pseudonym. The blogger was born on May 19, 1992, 7.2 million people are registered in his account. In the feed you can find remixes of singles by other DJs and your own works. Place in the UK TOP – 13, global ranking – 636.

Top 20 Most Popular UK TiktokersMarshMello Family

Joel M

Joel was born on August 14, 1997 and became famous for his card tricks and sleight of hand. His video has received over 147 million likes on the platform. Entertains the audience from the age of 6, initially performed in restaurants, at large corporate events. The guy was born in Ireland, in one of the videos in the tape you can see his younger brother. He has 9.3 million fans.

In the feed you can find a joint “magic” video with Magick Balay.

Place in the UK TOP – 14, global ranking – 675.

Finli Drapper Music

Born on June 30, 1999, Fin Draper became famous for his music videos, where he uses random household items as instruments. The page on the social network appeared in 2019, in addition to TikTok, the guy has a YouTube channel.

In October 2020, he published a video for Eminem’s song “Godzilla”. Fin’s account has 7.2 million followers. Place in the UK TOP – 10, global ranking – 586.

Top 20 Most Popular UK TiktokersFinli Drapper Music


Tesa was born on August 4, 2000, got into the top authors on the social network due to comedy and music videos. Previously, the girl was engaged in dancing and demonstrated the flexibility of the body in the photo on Instagram. In 2015, she launched a YouTube channel with dance videos, and was a member of the fleximusers group of secular stars.

Toyreasa McGuire showed her father in the videos, and on Halloween put makeup on her brother. In TikTok, she collaborated with Darwin Velasco. In December 2019, she posted a joint photo with Selena Gomez on Instagram. Place in the UK TOP – 15, global ranking – 796. Subscribers – 6.1 million.

Max and Harvey

Two talented singers Max and Harvey were finalists for the Shorty Award for Muser of the Year. Their debut original single is called One More Day In Love. They performed at a concert in Los Angeles, California called Rock Back To School in September 2017.

They won the 2018 Radio Disney Music Awards for Favorite Social Music Artist. Their popular songs are Trade Hearts and Shy Girl. In 2019 they competed on Celebrity X Factor UK and also appeared at Slimefest 2019.

Max and Harvey are twins born December 31, 2002. Before popularity, they starred in commercials, television shows, and participated in theatrical productions. Place in the UK TOP – 16, the number of subscribers – 6.2 million.

Top 20 Most Popular UK TiktokersMax and Harvey


Bobbi was born on December 25, 1999 in England, became famous for her humorous, dance videos and lip-synching. On Instagram, the girl posts photos of fashionable outfits and models, and on YouTube – funny videos, teaching the right makeup. Place in the UK TOP – 17, the global ranking – 888. The number of subscribers – 5.6 million.

Go Fetch

The channel was created by Komi Group, publishes videos with dogs from all over the world. Funny videos with pets were liked by users of TikTok, Instagram, Facebook.

Place in the UK TOP – 18, global ranking – 946. The number of subscribers – 6.5 million.

KOMI Group Ltd created a brand from scratch, creating channels on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram. The pages became the most viewed pet content in the UK.


The social media animator was born on October 21, 1998, and became popular thanks to original humorous animations, often centered around memes. Regular publications on the social network began to appear from November 2018. The girl worked in a duet with Joey Piazza in one of the videos. Place in the UK TOP – 19, global ranking – 982. She has 5.9 million subscribers.

Top 20 Most Popular UK TiktokersTootyMcNooty

British tiktok house The Wave House

The foreign part of TikTok offers viewers an acquaintance with influencers gaining popularity. The Wave House is one of the blogging houses that has quickly gained attention since the release of the first video (09/01/2020). Tiktok House is located in the UK, includes:

  • three-story mansion;
  • plot with several pools.

The interest of the audience is attracted by pretentious scenery and non-standard concept. The participants are shown in turn – in the first clip, a team of three guys and a similar number of girls were dressed in evening dresses and suits. The faces of the participants were hidden behind shiny masks. In subsequent videos, each TikToker took off his mask, saying his name.

The project involved:

  • Millie T (16.09.2000) – specializes in tutorial videos on makeup, lifestyle, testing certain types of products. She has her own channel on YouTube. The most popular videos about testing fake beauty products from eBay.
  • Carmie Sellitto (09/23/1998) is a creator of satirical and casual videos. Since 2018, Kermi Sellitto has been dating the third member of the project, Kate Elizabeth.
  • Kate Elisabeth (01/04/2000) – blogger releases videos about beauty, fashion, lifestyle. Among the materials you can find videos about traveling to Cyprus, Kenya and Barbados.
  • Spencer Elmer (02/02/2000) is an English youtuber, tiktoker and fashion designer. Spencer also has his own clothing line called Originality is Rare, which he launched shortly after dropping out of college.
  • Eloise Fouladgar (11/20/1997) – known in the social network for videos with short dances and lip sync. One of her oldest archived TikTok videos was set to Danielle Bregoli’s Bestie. Eloise Fuldgar collaborated with another content creator, Looking For Lewys.
  • Jimbo Hall (11/23/1998) – hosts comic and humorous videos. Jimbo Hall is one of the members of The Wave House collective.

The composition of the Tiktok House cannot boast of popularity, but quickly gained 2 million subscribers. A large audience has gathered because of the perfectly filmed footage that does not resemble standard memes or dances. In one of the clips, Eloise is immersed in a tub filled with milk to the music track from Euphoria.

The popularity of the project is associated not only with high-quality videos, but also with the PR of a team of bloggers who make fun of their videos. The authors from The House Nobody Asked For or “The House Nobody Asked For” shoot parodies of The Wave House sketches.

The project participants are ironic about the reaction of the haters, continuing to release video clips ridiculing British traditions and strange things. The London agency Yoke MGMT is responsible for consulting and promoting the “home”. In addition to the main direction, the company specializes in the processing of photographic materials, video clips and other utilities designed to help authors in creating content.

Famous tiktokers, included in the 20 stars of the social network, became famous due to hard work and thoughtful work on each video. Most chose the path through humor and parodies – the most requested content on the Internet. It is impossible to become famous without personal charisma and a well-thought-out plan for the development of the channel. The stories of Tik Tok stars are a great example of a combination of business acumen and the ability to amuse the audience.

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