15 Useful Bots For Managing Channels & Chats In Telegram

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15 useful bots for posting channels and chats in Telegram.

Telegram bots are virtual assistants that can be entrusted with part of the channel or chat management functions. They take on routine work: they help organize posting, moderate communication, and generate statistics.

We have collected 15 popular Telegram bots that help administer communities in the messenger.

What do we have to do Which bot is suitable
Prepare scheduled posts and decorate them beautifully Controller Bot
Moderate chats and provide feedback to participants Combot
Livegram Bot
Collect channel/group statistics Combot
Controller Bot
TGStat Alert Bot
TGStat Bot
Integrate with other services Telegraph
Synchrobot Zen
Search information in Telegram Searchee


How to use Telegram bots

Most services work like this: you launch a bot, add it to your channel or chat, give the bot administrator rights. After that it starts to work.

To start, follow the link to the desired bot. When the dialog box opens, click the “Run” button – this is the /start command. After activating it, the bot will tell you how it can be useful and explain how to get started.

The advantage of Telegram bots is that they guide the user through the settings step by step. Read the messages of the bot carefully, answer the questions and choose the right actions to set up the virtual assistant.

Bot Father

The main. With it, you can create other bots in Telegram and manage them.

The bot can:

– Create and delete new bots.

– Issue and revoke authorization tokens – these are API keys with which the bot connects to the channel and can work.

– Edit bots: change name, description, avatar, commands.

– Change settings for built-in feedback and privacy in groups.

You will see such instructions when you need to create any new bot. Just come up with and tell @BotFather the name and username of the bot – and get an API key to start

The API key can be used for Telegram bots and third-party services. For example, this is how Unisender chatbots connect to the messenger


Multifunctional tool with flexible settings. Helps moderate communities of all sizes.

The bot can:

– Send welcome messages to participants and answer the most frequently asked questions.

– Moderate messages: remove spam and unwanted content, ban users, set up a ban on posting links and much more.

– Collect statistics – the number of new members, the most active users, the average number of messages per day from one member.

For the bot to start working, you need to add it to the group and give admin rights

Controller Bot

Service for convenient delayed posting. Helps to plan and arrange publications for several days in advance.

The bot can:

– Format text.

– Add images, reactions, URL buttons.

– Create delayed posts, set the time of their publication and removal from the channel.

– Edit posts.

– Calculate channel statistics by the number of participants.



Multifunctional bot for creating scheduled posts and moderating communities.

The bot can:

— Create templates for publications, URL buttons, autosignatures.

– Set up posting scenarios: cyclic publications, post deletion timer, reposts to other channels, disabling comments under individual posts.

– Connect integration with Notion, Evernote, Google Calendar, Google Sheets.

– Add watermarks to photos, videos, animations.

— Control advertising in the channel: compile reports for the client about the release and deletion of the publication, collect statistics of subscribers and income, set protection against accidental publication while the advertising post is up.

– Support pre-moderation mode and configure access for channel editors.

– Automatically accept and reject applications for membership, send welcome messages to new users.


To make it easier for the user to navigate the functionality of the bot, they write about updates and useful life hacks in the @posting_bots channel


Another scheduling posting tool with a focus on posting design. This is a service from the creators of the Notepost bot, but with fewer features.

The bot can:

– Form a content plan from planned and published posts.

— Set up a timer for publishing and detaching posts, auto-repeat.

– Organize media files and edit albums.

– Add watermarks to photos, videos and albums.

– Edit and change the location of the buttons, add a comment button.



Useful for those who often publish longreads. The Telegram team has created a special text editor Telegra.ph . It is convenient to write and format long texts in it. The article is sent to users as a link — they see a beautifully designed page without leaving the messenger.

The bot helps:

– Quickly enter the editor for posting Telegra.ph.

– Manage publications.

– Collect statistics of article views.

When launched, the bot immediately generates an author profile. To start writing an article in Telegra.ph, you just need to click on the “Create a New Story” buttonTo track your publications and the number of views, just go to the bot and select “My Posts” in the menu

Synchrobot Zen

Service for those who run a channel in Yandex.Zen.

The bot can:

– Publish posts from the Telegram channel directly to Zen.

– Detect and broadcast only those publications that fit the Zen format – posts with a volume of less than 1500 characters, without videos and gifs.

You can set up automatic posting or manually select publications for transfer to Yandex.Zen.


TGStat Alert Bot

A tool for monitoring reputation in the messenger.

The bot can:

– Track channel mentions.

– Track the latest publications in channels and chats by keywords.

– Send notifications about reposts, mentions and new posts.


TGStat Bot

Bot for collecting statistics from the Telegram Analytics service . This is a project with open statistics that regularly conducts research on the Telegram audience, publishes ratings of channels and publications. The service is available in 5 languages ​​and automatically indexes Russian, Ukrainian, English, Uzbek and Belarusian public channels.

The bot can:

– Track the number of subscribers in dynamics.

– Count post reach and article views in Telegra.ph.

– Collect engagement statistics.

– Monitor citation index.


Searchee Bot

Service for searching channels on various topics. It will be useful for newsmen and those who regularly monitor the agenda in their field.

The bot can search for channels in Telegram by topic and name.

The issuance is ranked by the number of participants in the community – from largest to smallest


Another search engine. Works like Google inside Telegram.

The bot can search for posts on demand. The issue shows the total number of publications with found text and the posts themselves – from new to old.



Anti-spam bot helps to moderate communities with a large number of members.

The bot can:

– Delete posts with links from members who joined the chat less than a day ago.

– Remove images and videos from new users.

– Delete any messages from new users within the specified time.


Bilingual menus and support. There is a detailed instruction on how to quickly connect and configure the bot


The translator bot will be useful for chat admins where English-speaking users visit.

The bot can translate from English into German and from German into English.

Like any automated service, a bot does not replace excellent command of a foreign language. But the level of translation is sufficient for the interlocutors to understand each other in correspondence

livegram bot

Bot constructor for feedback in Telegram. The tool allows you to communicate with the audience anonymously and promptly answer user questions.

The bot can:

– Connect administrators to a dialogue with users, while the answers are sent on behalf of the bot, and not a specific person.

– Support different message formats – text, photo and video files, stickers, voice messages.

– Save contacts and conversation history.

– Send messages to users.

– Keep statistics on sent messages and involved users.

In addition to the main functions, the menu has the “Advertise” button – this is an opportunity to buy an ad display in the welcome message of the Livegram bot


A simple tool for creating reactions to posts.

The bot can add buttons with emojis and likes to posts.

In December 2021, Telegram released an update in which message reactions became a built-in feature.

This is how a post with built-in Telegram reactions looks likeAnd so – the statistics of reactions using widgets

Visually, posts look different, so using separate emoji buttons is a matter of taste and channel design.

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