15+ Best Telegram Bots That Will Save You Time


Bots in Telegram are not new, today there are already more than 100,000 of them. Everyone has already understood that our life will not be the same with them. But why are they needed and how to choose really useful ones from this variety? Let’s tell now!

Who are bots?

These are Telegram accounts created by programmers that can automatically process and send messages.

What can they do?

All! Write comments, send notifications, play chess, translate, find interlocutors and pictures according to your requests … In fact, bots are a new way to communicate with computers and the network.

Where do they come from?

They are created by programmers and robots. To make a new bot you need an idea and no special knowledge. Just email the user  @BotFather and follow their instructions. Be warned, this simple and fun activity can get you hooked for a long time!

But the most useful, or just interesting bots, in our opinion:


Relevant tag generator. You just send a picture to the bot and get a list of matching tags. Useful for social media and photo stocks. It is convenient that the list can be copied in whole or in part already with a hashtag icon.


A bot that checks the spelling of a text. It can be added to a group chat, then it will correct everyone who misspelled or misspelled a word.


The search assistant Clara will find everything you want on the Internet – music, movies, jokes. But the coolest thing is that you can enter a request not only with text, but with a voice or a picture!


Translates messages into any language. Works in both private and group chats.


Bot for searching and downloading art books.


Don’t know what movie to watch? Ask this bot for help. In addition to premieres and new products on the torrent, there is a search by genre, movie quotes, TOPs of 250 different countries.


The most popular songs of the day.


Need to save a picture or video from Instagram? Even here the bot will help.


Picks up flights on the plane. Incredibly simple and convenient!


Search for cafes and restaurants nearby. You send your location to the bot and get a list of places to eat in response.


Image search directly in the chat. You can even look at similar pictures or ask the bot for better quality!


Do you want to improve your English? Chatting with the Andy bot is a great option!


An exciting text quest in real time. You will have to help the main character get out of the ocean abyss alive


The good old “Gallows”. Do you want to play with friends? Add a bot to a group chat.

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